Video: Rob Shapiro On The Biden Boom (1/25/22)

On Tuesday Jan 25th we hosted a terrific talk with Dr. Rob Shapiro to discuss his two recent articles in Washington Monthly about the remarkable performance of the American economy in 2021.  You can watch this discussion here.

Be sure to read Rob's two great articles:

It’s A Biden Boom - And No One Has Noticed Yet and

The Biden Jobs Boom Is Bigger Than We Thought

The strong performance of the American economy under recent Democratic Presidents is one of the most important but least understood stories of our politics today.  To learn more about our work in this space, see check out this recent memos below, and please join us for our next presentation of "With Democrats Things Get Better" which takes an extended data driven look at just how much better the economy performs when Democrats are in power.

Ending 2021 on A High Note – America’s Can Do Spirit Is Alive and Well

Report: 3 Times As Many Biden Jobs As Bushes, Trump Combined

40m of 42m new jobs since 1989 have come under Dem Presidents

Friday, Feb 11th 1230 pm ET – With Democrats Things Get Better – On Friday, Feb 11th is the next showing of our signature presentation, With Democrats Things Get Better.  It’s a 25 minute data filled journey through American politics since the Cold War ended and a new political age began.  And what the data shows, not surprisingly, is that during this period when Democrats were in power the US had strong, sustained job and GDP growth, booming stock markets, rising incomes and wages; and when Republicans have come to power, we’ve had 3 consecutive recessions, two very severe, and debilitating deficits.  The fundamental contrast between Democratic growth and progress versus GOP recession and decline that emerges from the presentation is very stark, and critical to understanding where we are in American politics today.

You can learn more about the big arguments behind With Dems here, and sign up for the 1230pm ET Zoom-based presentation here.

Perhaps the most remarkable stat from the deck – of the 42 million jobs created in the US since 1989, 40 million – 95% - have been created with Democrats in the White House.

Feel free to invite friends and colleagues to either event – the more the merrier!