Video: A New, Bluer Election - A Presentation About The Changing National Political Landscape

This a recording of Simon's new presentation from July 8th about the new, bluer political landscape that has emerged in the last few weeks.  The core presentation takes about 20 minutes.  Feel free to stay for the Q and A. 

This new presentation draws heavily from our most recent comprehensive political analysis, which you can find here.  The top takeaways:

  • We are looking at a competitive election now, not a wave
  • The race has shifted 3-5 points towards the Dems, and the GOP brand has taken a huge hit.  The anti-MAGA majority has awakened
  • The Senate is likely to stay Democratic, and a recent House special was encouraging for Democrats
  • The national political landscape is likely to get worse for Republicans

We are pleased elements of this work have been cited in new articles by John Harwood on the CNN site, Greg Sargent in the Washington Post, Peter Nicholas on the NBC News site, Susan Milligan in US News, Nicholas Riccardi in the AP, Eleanor Clift in The Daily Beast, John Skolnick in Salon, AB Stoddard in The Bulwark and Peter Weber in The Week. Simon has done two indepth discussions of our thesis and the 2022 election - with Matt Lewis on his podcast and with Ian Masters for his radio show/podcast.  Joe Trippi discusses our analysis in his podcast, That Trippi Show, and we appreciate this shoutout from DNC Chair Jaime Harrison!

A new front page Washington Post story on the 2022 election by Michael Scherer, Coby Itkowitz and Josh Dawsey features this quote from Simon: “The question is, are there forces in the election more powerful than the disappointment in Biden?” asked Simon Rosenberg, a Democratic strategist. “The answer is yes, and that is opposition and fear for MAGA, which is the thing that has driven the last two elections.” Ron Brownstein gives our political thesis serious consideration in a new and comphrensive CNN analysis.