Zuraya Tapia-Alfaro


Advocacy Director

Zuraya Tapia-Alfaro, Advocacy Director, is responsible for articulating NDN's progressive agenda to Congress, primarily as relates to NDN's Hispanic Strategy Center. Zuraya brings six years of experience in international affairs,law and public policy to NDN. Prior to joining NDN, Zuraya served as a staff member on the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business, focusing on issues pertaining to the impact of certain Homeland Security regulations on small businesses. Prior to her Committee service, Zuraya worked for three years in an international law firm, helping represent the Mexican Secretary of Economy in several international trade negotiations and international arbitration disputes. Zuraya began her career in international affairs through a fellowship with the Mexican Embassy in Washington, DC, Office of Legal Counsel for the Secretary of Economy. She also is also actively involved with the Hispanic community in Virginia and was appointed to the Virginia Latino Advisory Council by Governor Timothy Kaine in 2007. Zuraya earned an undergraduate degree in Law in Mexico, from the Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, and earned the degree of Master of Laws from Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC, in 2006.


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