10 Downing Street 2.0

Via an announcement that the British Prime Minister's Office had partnered with Brightcove for its official online video destination, Number10TV, I just came across the new 10 Downing Street website. And I'm very glad I did. It is an amazing sign that politicians not only recognize the impact of technology on politics, but embrace at least certain aspects of it.

Beyond the Beta mark in the banner image, this is obviously no traditional government website. Sites like Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter all have a prominent role on the right sidebar, major headlines are prominently featured in a Huffington Post manner, users can still use YouTube to Ask the PM, and they can sign as well as create petitions. Check out what else is new in the New Website Guide. Also check out the video below introducing the site:

While the French government's website doesn't feature picture or video references to U.S. Sen. Barack Obama as the British site does, it is also worth checking out for its prominent use of video. Our move, (Unrelated shout out to everyone in France not on the men's 4x100m relay swim team.)

Reports from Israel and London

I'm sorry I haven't reported in more from my overseas trip.  I've had some technical problems, and just been very busy.  I will be posting more detailed thoughts on my return flight home on Sunday, but for now I will say that it has been a terrific trip, I've learned a great deal, met many remarkable people, and have an even better understanding of the incredible power of globalization (and its relative the global telcom and internet revolution), which is without doubt, the single most significant force effecting the people of the world today.

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