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Obama Campaign and Mobile Media

At the Washington Post's "The Trail" blog, they look back on the Obama campaign's use of mobile media, and asked me my thoughts. As I've said before on the NDN blog, I'm impressed. Here is what I told them:

"In terms of both marketing and execution, the Obama campaign has been
pretty brilliant in their use of text messaging, and I was quite
impressed that they also evolved over the campaign," Tim Chambers,
co-founder of Media 50 Group, a start-up that focuses on the mobile
political space, and co-author of a study called "Mobile Media in 21st
Century Politics," told The Trail. "But I was equally if not more
impressed by their moving beyond text messaging with their mobile Web
site, and into their native iPhone application. In each case, they were
breaking new ground for political mobile action, writing some of the
rules as they went, and foreshadowing what I think will be to come."

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