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Friday Buzz: Dissecting the Debate, Parsing the Polls, and More

As the campaign season enters the final weeks, NDN continues to break through in the media. After the third and final presidential debate, reporter Dan Balz quoted Simon in the Washington Post. From the article:

Democrat Simon Rosenberg said he thought McCain was aggressive and combative, but he did not think it would be enough to change the race. "In the last few weeks, the American people have learned a lot about these two senators. In Senator Obama, they've decided they see a future president. In Senator McCain, they see an admirable but aging politician who seems a little out of step with the moment."

On the Huffington Post blog and in Reuters, Simon also offered some excellent analysis of what may lie ahead in the election.

NDN also remained an important voice on the economy and dealing with the financial crisis; Rob was quoted in the Philadelphia Enquirer, and had this excellent quote in the Washington Times

Running up the deficit, through new spending, tax cuts or both, is exactly what a declining economy needs, at least in the short term, the analysts said.

"Definitely in the short term, the policy should be to spend and not worry about the impact on the deficit," said Rob Shapiro, who was a top economic adviser to President Clinton and a specialist in globalization at the center-left NDN think tank.

"Certainly that's the policy you should be following in the face of a deep recession, when there's not a lot of downside risk from inflation."

Finally, Simon was quoted about immigration reform and the Hispanic vote in the San Francisco Chronicle, Bloomberg, and Hispanic Trending,  Andres talked about the importance of the Hispanic electorate in the Latino Journal and La Presna San Diego, and our recent immigration poll of battleground states was featured in a diary on DailyKos.  

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