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Moynihan in Eilperin WaPo Piece Today on Cape Wind, MA

NDN Fellow and Green Project Director Michael Moynihan has the following quote in a really interesting piece in the Post today by Juliet Eilperin:

"The tortured history of Cape Wind is not just a not-in-my-backyard story of fisherman and wealthy people on the Cape," said Michael Moynihan, director of the Green Project at NDN, a centrist think tank. "It is emblematic of the difficulty of getting wind online, anywhere in America, with a system designed a century ago that is frankly hostile to renewable energy."

If you haven't read Michael's groundbreaking new paper, Electricity 2.0, or his recent SF Chronicle op-ed about the need to reimagine our electricity system to help unlock the clean tech and renewable revolution, you can find them both here.

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