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Fenty, Rhee Swing Big in DC

DC's new mayor, Adrian Fenty, is turning DC into one of the nation's true centers of education reform. The Washington Post has an editorial today looking at a path-breaking proposal by schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee which would create a new and very different model for teacher pay and performance.

As a parent of 2 kids in DC public schools (and a third next year), I and my family have been following Fenty and Rhee's bold moves closely. My wife and I had lunch with Rhee a month or so ago, and found her smart, determined, prepared, impressive - and perhaps strong and savvy enough to actually pull off her and the mayors ambitious plans.

The battle to modernize, improve and reform DC's schools is turning into an effort with national significance. I will be following it all, and will be reporting back here on the NDN blog from time to time as things develop.

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