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The Census Confirms: The U.S. Increasingly More Southern and Western

On Monday, the U.S. Census Bureau released its estimates of state-by-state population, which show a decades-long pattern continuing apace: growth in the country's Southern and Western states continues to out-pace that in the states of the Northeast and Midwest.  Sound familiar? Yes, that's because you heard it here first.  Since NDN began its analysis of the Hispanic electorate and the demographic trends nationwide, we concluded that our nation is becoming:






Some have criticized President-elect Obama for having a Western-heavy cabinet and administration, and while this might not have been intentional, it does reflect the demographic trends of the nation.  Finally, the Census data is important because it provides our first clues as to re-districting based on the 2010 Census - for example, Texas is expected to gain three House seats, Nevada will most likely gain at least one. Stay tuned as NDN continues its demographic analysis during 2009, in preparation for re-districting analysis. 

Coalition of Latino Groups and Corporations Launch Voter Registration Drive

National Hispanic advocacy organizations are teaming up with major corporations that recognize the importance of the Hispanic vote during this election cycle.  I thought it worthwhile to post news of this initiative, as reported today by the Washington Post:

Coalition of Latino Groups Launches Voter Drive

By Ed O'Keefe

A multi-million dollar ad campaign designed to encourage voter registration and increased political participation among Latinos who are legal residents launches today nationwide on Spanish-language television and radio stations. The National Association of Latino Elected Officials, in cooperation with National Council of La Raza, Univision, State Farm and other groups will spend $3 to 4 million on the campaign. The coalition will air 30- and 60-second radio ads, as well as public service announcements on Univision, Time Warner Cable, Comcast Cable, and other outlets.  "Every Hispanic family in the United States finds themselves at different points, and we want to help," says one of the State Farm-sponsored radio ads. "It doesn't matter at what point you find yourself here in the United States."  The TV ad calls out to legal residents eager to participate in the American political process, with words on-screen in Spanish stating: "I come from another place. I want a better future. I am full of dreams." 

...A recent Pew Hispanic Center survey reports that registration and turnout among Latinos increased considerably in several large states during this year's primary contests, suggesting turnout will be high again in November.  On the issue of immigration, "It is going to be a mobilizing factor for the Latino vote" because Latinos have been painted unfairly "by a broad brush," said NCLR president Murguia. Her group also donated $1 million to the "Ya es Hora" campaign through a contribution from the Knight Foundation.  While Barack Obama and John McCain "don't touch" immigration as often as they discuss other issues, Murguia says she expects it will be a topic of discussion when both candidates address the annual NCLR conference next weekend.  She also expects immigration could be a determining factor in several down-ballot races in the South and Southwest.  Murguia said she does not expect Latinos to hold large immigration rallies this year on the scale of previous ones.  "The next march needs to be a march to the polls on Nov. 4th," she said.

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