Zakaria Offers President Obama Some Good Advice

From one of our favorite thinkers:

On health care, energy, taxes, immigration, deficits and everything else, Obama should get away from the politics of legislating and go back to being president. He should put forward the best proposals to help solve America's problems. He may or may not get much support from Republicans, but he will earn political capital and power, which in the long run is the only way to enact a big, transforming agenda. This approach is exactly what Obama campaigned on. He promised that he would reach out to all sections of the country, listen to the best ideas and appeal to the nation as a whole. "I don't see a blue America and a red America, I see only the United States of America," he said. Obama needs to shift course and govern as the president he promised to become. That's change I could believe in.

You can read the rest of his Washington Post essay here.

And if you happened to have caught my 620AM appearance on Fox News this morning, yes, it did seem a little short.  I think once the conservative agreed with me on the GOP's role in running up the deficit they had to pull the plug on the segment.

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