2009 Polling

Congressional GOP Now at 13 Percent Approval

The New Kos Weekly Track is out and the numbers reinforce what a fundamentally new day we are in.  After almost 4 months of the Obama Presidency the Republican Party numbers continue to hit extinction levels with their Congressional approval now at 13 percent.  Obama remains close to 70%, the Dems have a 53% to 21% advantage in general party approval, and the Congressional Dems are behind Obama but way ahead of the GOP.  Yes only 21 percent of the country has a favorable impression of the Republican Party, 13% of independents, and amazingly all the GOP numbers have dropped significantly this year. 

As a veteran of many years of politics it is hard to believe these numbers.  But they keep coming week after week.

As Mike Hais pointed out a few weeks ago perhaps the most dramatic number in all these numbers is what is going on with the 18-29 audience, the Millennial Generation, the largest generation on American history, a group which voted 66%-32% for Obama and was instrumental in giving Democrats their current mandate.  Obama's favorability with this group is 84%-9%.  The Congressional Democrats 54%-38%.  The Congressional Republicans are at 5% favorable, 81% unfavorable.

The word "whig" needs to be reinstalled in the spellcheckers of our various software packages.

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