Loud Dobbs

Why is Lou Dobbs on CNN tonight?

Does CNN realize that Lou Dobbs is an offensive figure to many people? That he is not a newsman, but a divisive ideologue who toyed with running for President? That for those of us who have worked closely with the Latino community he is seen as an angry racist? And that he is in essence the antithesis of the Obama argument about America and thus not suited to be a commentator on the what is happening on the Democratic side?

I am a CNN guy but Lou Dobbs shouldn't be on this primetime election show tonight. It demeans this once proud network.

Update: Even though John King and his modern map has been the best thing in campaign coverage this year, I've switched to MSNBC. I will not watch any future CNN election night coverage if Dobbs in on.

Update: Unfortunately, MSNBC joins CNN in putting Florida and Michigan in the Clinton camp.  ABC keeps them open, uncommitted, as they should be. 

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