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Tech Tips: Subscribe to NDN RSS Feeds!

A great way to stay up to date on NDN's thinking is to sign up for one of our RSS feeds. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it really is super simple: just click on the "RSS" symbol on the right sidebar like the one pictured below to get started (or just click here). From the RSS page, you can choose whether to subscribe to our entire blog's feed, or to specific user or topic feeds. Once you decide what updates you want to receive, click on the specific link to go to the feed.

Once you're at this page, there are multiple ways to stay up to date with NDN. The way I recommend is Google Reader - if you have a Google account (and if you don't, just go ahead and create one already!), Reader is a great way to stay caught up on all of your favorite sites easily and automatically. Just open Reader from the Google home page, click "Add a subscription," and paste the URL of the feed page you selected a moment ago (for demonstration purposes, we'll use the feed for the entire NDN blog, Then click "add," and that's all there is to it! Now NDN's blog feed will be automatically updated in your Google Reader. 

If you feel like Google is taking over your whole life, you don't have to use Reader - most browsers also have built-in RSS readers. For instance, if you went to the NDN blog feed in Firefox, you would see an option at the top that says "Subscribe to this feed using LiveBookmarks," which is Mozilla's built-in RSS reader, which looks like a regular bookmark but updates in real time. You can, of course, also select Google instead of LiveBookmarks from the drop-down menu in FireFox, an alternate way to add the feed to Google Reader. 

If you're interested in receiving RSS feeds on your mobile device, there are a number of options. I use NetNewsWire for my iPhone, but there are a number of other apps available on the iPhone and on other platforms. Just do a search to see what's available on your device - it takes a few moments to set up, but it's a real time-saver in the long run!

Tech Tips: Post a Comment!

At NDN, we love to hear from our readers. One great way to get more invovled is to post comments on blog posts that interest you - from gushing praise to (hopefully) constructive criticism, all feedback is good feedback here.

So how do you post a comment? To deter spammers, anonymous comments are not allowed, which means you must log in or register before you can submit your comment. If you've already registered, just log in at the top the sidebar on the right. If you've never commented on a post before, just click "create new account" in the login box to get started!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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