Recovery Plan

Congressional GOP's Numbers Drop Some More

The weekly Daily Kos poll is in.  The trends continued unchanged - Obama still very popular, Democrats significantly more popular than the GOP, Congressional Dems continue to tick up a bit, Congressional Republicans continue their free fall.   As of today the Congressional Republicans have an 18 percent approval rating - 18 percent!  Obama 69.  As DemFromCT writes

Tune in next week to see if John Boehner can make himself and his Republicans any less popular. He's -11 himself since the first poll 1/5-8, and the Congressional GOP is -12 (in contrast, Nancy Pelosi is +2 and Congressional Dems are +5.) 

The net-net on the battle over the Recovery Plan? Congressional Democrats gain 5 points, the Congressional GOP, in an already catastrophic position with the public, drop 11.  

It will be interesting to see how Bobby Jindal interprets these numbers in prepping for his Tuesday response to President Obama. Will he really carry the water of the wildly discredited and out of touch Washington GOP? Or distance himself from them, carving out a more constructive position in the national debate? Will be interesting to see. 

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