Video: Tom Bonier on The Surge of Women Voting/Registering Post-Roe (9/14/22)

On Wed, September 14th we hosted TargetSmart CEO Tom Bonier for a timely discussion about the big surge in women voting and registering to vote post Roe.  Tom has been at the forefront of gathering data from across the country about what may be a hugely important development in the 2022 elections, something he wrote about in this NYTimes op-ed, "Women Are So Fired Up To Vote, I've Never Seen Anything Like It."

You can watch our conversation here

As for some of the things we reference in the conversation, you can find NDN's core 2022 election here, and a video of our "New, Bluer Election" briefing here

Our friend Tom Bonier is a Democratic political strategist and the C.E.O. of TargetSmart, a data and polling firm. He teaches political science at Howard University and is a member of S.E.I.U.

Local 500.