The Strategic Context For The 2022 Elections Is Changing

The Strategic Context For the 2022 Elections Is Changing – Events, Memos, Pods

In June NDN will be focusing on what we think is a new strategic context for our politics and the 2022 elections.  Links to related materials and invitations to an initial set of events are below.  

The premise here is simple.  New events – Russia’s ongoing aggression, mass shootings, the end of Roe, a more complete understanding of MAGA’s attack on our political system – are together creating a new strategic framework or context for US politics now.  That new strategic context is giving Joe Biden and the Democrats the opportunity to reframe the economic conversation, something the White House began in earnest yesterday; and it will make it far more likely Democrats will be successful at labeling Republicans out of the mainstream, extreme, unfit.  While these new realities may not be showing up in polling yet, it is our belief that the election has fundamentally changed in the last few weeks, something that will become clearer to all in the coming days.  

Ron Brownstein makes a similar argument in a new CNN piece, "The Two Issues Which Could Disrupt the 2022 Elections." 

So come join us as we explore the changing political dynamic.  It is what we will be spending most of the next month looking at.  And perhaps the best way to connect to our current thinking is to listen to Simon’s remarks in this recent Deep State Radio podcast, and to read our political strategy memo, 3 Reasons Why 2022 Won’t Be 2010.  We look forward to engaging you in this important conversation.   

Friday, June 3rd – NDN Talks to Dr. Rob Shapiro About The Recovery, Inflation and Biden’s Plan – We are excited to welcome back our colleague Rob Shapiro for a discussion about Joe Biden's plans to keep the economy growing and lower inflation. He will be drawing from a series of essays he's written for the Washington Monthly in recent months, including his latest The Truth About Inflation.  Our discussion with Rob will be this Friday, June 3rd at noon ET.   RSVP here.

Join us, invite others - this event is free and open to all.

June 9th and 24th– With Democrats Things Get Better – We’ve scheduled two presentations of our deep dive into US politics over the past generation.  These presentations are free and open to all, so feel free to invite friends and colleagues.  The data in With Dems has been widely cited in recent months, including by the White House and other Democratic leaders.  Learn more about With Dems here, and please register by clicking through for our Thursday June 9th (1230pm ET) and Friday June 24th (1230pm ET).  

Related Memos and Essays

A New Global Moment Emerges - It's An Opportunity for Joe Biden to Lead - While still struggling to put COVID behind us, Russia's aggression is leading to rising energy costs and a now a global food crisis.  These daunting new challenges offer Joe Biden an extraordinary opportunity to lead. 

A Compelling '22 General Election Narrative May Have Emerged for Democrats - In recent weeks a strong possible 2022 narrative and frame has begun to emerge for Democrats - sell our accomplishments, define them as out of the mainstream, extreme - that may make the 2022 elections more competitive than anticipated. 

A New Center-Left Rises in the West to Counter Putin, Illiberalism - Center/center-left governments keep getting elected in the West.  It's possible we are seeing a powerful new political movement emerge as a response to the growing threat of illiberalism. 

May Jobs Report - Biden Boom Keeps Booming, 42m Dem Jobs - 4 times as many jobs have been created in Joe Biden's first 15 months than in Presidencies of the two Bushes and Trump combined.  Repeated Dem successes, repeated GOP failures must become better known in our politics. 

Video: With Democrats Things Get Better (5/13/22) - Check out the latest showing of our signature presentation, With Dems. It tries to tell the most important least understood story in American politics today - that when Dems are in power things get better.  W/Rs not so much. 

Memo: After Texas Roe Decision, Dems Must Lean Into GOP Radicalization - The Supreme Court's Texas Roe decision is so shocking and crazy that Democrats have no choice now to make the dangerous radicalization of the GOP central to the conversation they are having with the American people.  

Some Thoughts on Democrats and "Loudness" - In a new essay Simon offers 4 ideas for how Democrats can get louder this year and not always be playing defense in a very noisy and crowded information landscape.