Invite: Dec 14th, Noon ET - Simon Rosenberg, Tom Bonier on the 2022 Elections

Please join NDN and our friends at Future Majority for a live, in-depth look at the 2022 elections with Simon Rosenberg and Tom Bonier.  Simon and Tom will offer their thoughts about what happened, what it means for 2024 and Tara McGowan of Courier Newsroom will moderate an extended discussion and Q and A.  This will be Simon and Tom’s most extended public appearance together since the election and will be a great opportunity to reflect our success in 2022, and look ahead to 2024.  Mark Riddle of Future Majority will be offering some introductory remarks to kick off the conversation. 

You can RSVP here.  Please join us, invite others – all are welcome!

To prep for the call, feel free to review:

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