Invite: Fri, 1pm ET - Simon on the 2022 Elections

Please join Simon for a live briefing about the election tomorrow, Friday, November 11th, at 1pm ET.  RSVP here.  Feel free to invite friends and colleagues.  He will speak for 15 minutes or so then open it up for questions and discussion.

To connect with Simon’s initial takes on what has been a very good election for Democrats, read his latest analysis; or check him out on this Deep State Radio podcast, this spirited discussion with the Meidas Touch crew, this new remarkable conversation with former RNC Chair Michael Steele, this terrific back and forth with TPM’s Josh Marshall or this wonderful conversation from this morning at the Council of the America’s on the 2022 elections and the Hispanic/Latino vote.

See you tomorrow at 1pm ET.  And remember – the red wave may be coming, but it’s not here yet. 

Sincerely – the NDN Team