Video: Simon Rosenberg, Tom Bonier 2022 Election Briefing

Earlier today NDN and our friends at Future Majority hosted TargetSmart's Tom Bonier and Simon for a live, in-depth look at the 2022 elections.  It was our most extensive discussion of the encouraging 2022 election to date.  You can watch a recording of the event here on YouTube.

We are grateful to Mark Riddle of Future Majority for kicking off the conversation, and to Tara McGowan of Courier Newsroom for moderating the discussion including the Q and A with our live audience.

For more on our thinking about the encouraging 2022 election we've put together the following materials:

Congrats to everyone who worked so hard on this memorable election.  We defied history, once again kept MAGA from gaining too much power, and left Democrats in very good shape for 2024.