NDN Programs

Fighting to Keep the Internet Open and Free

NDN offers a whole of government approach to keeping the Internet open and free in the years ahead.

Renewing Our Democracy

Read about NDN's long history in working for a better politics, a task made ever more urgent by Trump's Presidency. 

Budgets, Health Care and Trump's Great Betrayal

With attention returning to budgets and the US economy, we've put together some of our recent work on these important matters.  

Countering Russian Insurgency

The successful Russian campaign to influence our election is only a piece in the much broader strategy to weaken the West and the values it has championed for decades. 

Future of the Democratic Party

We've put together some of our recent work that weighs in on this important debate.

Shapiro On The Economy

Rob's analysis this past year has been spot on and ahead of the curve (again). From rising incomes to reckless Trump, here is Rob's work all in one place. 

Trump and Immigration

A selection of our work over the past few years on Trump and immigration. It includes fresh analysis looking at the new Trump executive orders.