Press, Pods and Punditry

A roundup of our recent appearances in the media.....

Simon is given lots of airtime in new articles in the Washington Post and the Boston Globe about the struggle of President Biden to get credit for the strong economic recovery.  You can also catch him talking about the current political moment in a lively and fun Politicology podcast, The Sh*tshow Must Go On.  He was also cited in a recent Politico's playbook about the need for Dems to invest in building their own amplification networks to counter the power of right wing media, and in a Washington Examiner article about the President's agenda and the 2022 elections. 

Simon's analysis was featured in two other recent Washington Post articles - one about Virginia and the Democrats, the other about the struggles of getting the President’s agenda through Congress. Lots more insights about the election and politics in these two Ron Brownstein Atlantic essays (here, here); this David Rothkopf Daily Beast column; this Politico article by Christopher Cadelago and Laura Barron-Lopez; a Susan Milligan US News piece about the progressives’ disappointing election; and a Real Clear Politics articleanother in the Hill and this one in the Washington Examiner which explore the current contensious ideological debate inside the Democratic Party.  Finally, we offer some thoughts on what the President needs to do to bring Joe Manchin around in this NYTimes piece

Simon has been featured in three other recent podcasts -  a That Trippi Show episode called 3 Ways To Win In in 2022; a Background Briefing with Ian Masters show on the infighting in the Democratic Party; and a Politico Courage pod on Afghanistan and the Biden agenda. 


Our analysis also appears in a Washington Post piece on the lessons of Gavin Newsom's win in California; a Politico article about Biden and the impact of COVID’s return; a WaPo Greg Sargent column on the GOP’s radicalization around COVID; a USA Today essay on the success of the Biden economic agenda; a LA Times piece on the youth vote; and Mike Tomasky offers up a rave review of NDN’s With Dems presentation in this Daily Beast column.