The Idea-Based Economy and Globalization

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The NDN Globalization Initiative now includes the Bernard Schwartz Forums on Economic Policy. Each forum focuses on a specific aspect of the policy issues raised by globalization. While globalization benefits the U.S. economy in terms of GDP growth and productivity gains, many Americans have not prospered in this new economic era. NDN is committed to making globalization work for all Americans by offering a new economic strategy that would modernize our health care and energy policies; invest in our workers, students, and infrastructure; and foster and accelerate innovation across the economy. This strategy also includes measures to address our immigration system and offer universal and affordable broadband access.


This new essay – the third in the Bernard Schwartz Forums series – is by Robert Shapiro, Chair of the NDN Globalization Initiative. It examines how and why U.S. companies and workers lead the world in developing and applying new intellectual property, and why these leads in innovation constitute a critical U.S. advantage in globalization. He also shares his recommendations for preserving these U.S. advantages in IP and international trade, addressing rising health care and energy costs, improving U.S. infrastructure, and pursuing a serious investment agenda in education and human capital.


Due to globalization trend

Due to globalization trend the US impact on the smaller country trade polices are now not so influential.

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You can't just ask

You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.

The most important thing for

The most important thing for any economy building is to be sincere with your surroundings.

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Any country must have some

Any country must have some supervision for the economy growth polices and to keep up the pace with the global economy.

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As the time passed the world

As the time passed the world becoming a global basket, so the idea is to hit every market to generate much revenue.

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The international

The international globalization would take world to new edge, eery thing is going to be on a single fingertip.

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This sort of idea help me

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