The moment for pushing is now

That's the message from this editorial in the Washington Post that highlights the details/potential of the Gutierrez-Flake STRIVE Act, which was introduced last week. The editorial notes that the details of the bill will give Conservatives no excuse to claim it as granting amnesty, saying:

Conservatives opposed to citizenship for illegal immigrants are fond of pillorying it as "amnesty." This bill provides nothing of the sort. In addition to requiring lawful reentry to the country, it would entail immigrants paying a $2,000 fine and any back taxes they owe, clearing a security and background check, learning English and civics, compiling a felony-free record, and submitting proof of past employment. Only after six years and after satisfying those requirements could workers apply for permanent residency status, which could lead to citizenship.

For NDN's statement on the Gutierrez-Flake bill, click here. For Speaker Pelosi's, click here.