Iraq Vote Moves to the Senate and Looms Over 2008

You know 2008 can't be too far away when you see the byline "North Conway, N.H." in the New York Times.  But the paper of record isn't there to talk Presidential politics.  Instead, they're looking at the War in Iraq and what it means for Senators up for reelection in 2008.  Senators like John Sununu are finding even in the safe Republican ground of New Hampshire there are plenty of people with a keen interest in what the Senate is going to do with the Iraq War supplemental funding bill, and the broader issue of the role of American troops in Iraq, four years after Saddam Hussein was overthrown.

On Monday, the Senate resumes its protracted struggle to forge an Iraq strategy. Mr. Sununu and a handful of Republicans — including those facing re-election next year and those who have expressed unhappiness with President Bush’s conduct of the war but are uncomfortable with the idea of setting a date for withdrawal — find themselves searching for balance as they juggle three tasks: responding to the frustrations of their constituents, resisting the demands of antiwar Democrats and not entirely abandoning the White House. 

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