Selling your ideals for 1600

With a catchy Hollywood title, this op-ed from the Washington Post points out how Mitt Romney's twists and turns (I refuse to say flip-flopping) are a sad reality along the road to the White House. As Richard Cohen points out:

But I do suggest that his craven crawl toward the White House shows a man of obvious talents and experience who illustrates how broken our system is. Why should anyone have to tailor his beliefs to get past ideological bottlenecks in the early primary states? For Republicans, it's the religious right; for Democrats, it's economic pressure groups such as teachers unions. The rest of us can only stand by, helpless, waiting for extremists to pick a man or woman on the basis of issues that mean less to us -- not the war in Iraq, for instance, but gay civil unions.

Fighting the urge to fully disprove the comparisons between Romney to Ripley (I hope), check out this video below from Romney's site.

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