Clinton, Obama and a new era of 21st century tools for politics

Be sure to check out the e-mail below from our NPI director, Peter Leyden. With so many people employing new tools (such as video) in politics lately, NPI's message has been resonating. Where we go from here is going to be interesting, for sure....


Let the New Politics begin! In the first few weeks of the nascent 2008 campaign, we've already seen innovations that are changing the game for everyone working in politics.

The New Politics Institute has been championing these changes for the last 18 months and we are well-positioned to help progressives of all stripes and all levels of politics take advantage of the new tools and new strategies, with insightful research and analysis on a broad range of topics:

Progressives are stepping into the void left by a decade of failed conservative leadership and showing great promise in offering solutions to the unique challenges of governing in the 21st century. But being right on the issues is not always enough.

In the 2008 cycle and beyond, progressives must continue to innovate and communicate our ideas in ever more compelling ways. We must adopt new tools that allow citizens to connect and contribute to our efforts in politics and government. The New Politics Institute will be there to bring the best minds in the media, tech, and political worlds together to help drive that innovation and spread the adoption of the new tools.

It’s going to be fun. Stay tuned....