NPI Event Today: Next Wave of Tools for Progressive Politics

The technology and media worlds are in the midst of a transformation that is profoundly affecting politics. In the next few years we can expect to see the accelerating demise of the 30-second television commercial as the main form of political communication. Already, the 2006 election was marked by a spirit of experimentation in new tools and new media.

Understanding the way forward in this new environment is critical to all the work we do as progressives. That is why I hope you'll be able to join the New Politics Institute for a lunch next Tuesday, December 5th, as we gather leading experts and practitioners of these new tools to evaluate what worked best this fall and what we can expect to make an even greater impact in the future. Panelists will include:

  • Julie Bergman Sender (bio), filmmaker and progressive media strategist on Viral Video in the post YouTube world
  • Tim Chambers (bio), Co-Founder of the Media 50 Group and former Sony VP on Mobile Media
  • Will Robinson (bio), Partner at MacWilliams Robinson and Partners on the Evolution of Television through Cable, Satellite and TiVo
  • Laura Quinn (bio), Democratic Operative and Co-founder of Data Warehouse on Data-driven Politics

The event will be held in Washington, DC TODAY from noon to 2:00pm at the Phoenix Park Hotel at 520 North Capitol Street, NW.

For more information on the event or to RSVP, contact Tracy Leaman at 202-842-7213 or

Feel free to spread this announcement around. The more progressives who understand the powerful new tools and new media we now have at our disposal, the better.

This event is one of a series presented by the New Politics Institute, a think tank helping progressives master today’s transformation of politics due to rapid changes in technology, media and the demographic makeup of America. NPI is building a working network of top technology, media, and demographic professionals who want to help move best practices and innovations into progressive politics. Read our developing body of reports and view exclusive video content at: