Swansong of a failed congress in the key of GOP

True to form, the outgoing 109th Congress is planning on adjourning its lame-duck session early and punting almost $500 billion dollars in unfinished spending bills to the Democratic led 110th Congress in the New Year.  Josh Marshall makes a half-serious argument that these responsibility-shirking GOPers should have their pay garnered for failing to complete the minimum requirements of their job, passing and paying for the budget.

 As we have come to expect from the Republican leadership, the reasons behind this decision are about politics and not about serving the American people.  Apparently Republicans have finally become embarrassed about the massive expansion in pork that has occurred under their watch.  Senator Jim DeMint used procedural delays to end budget negotiations in the Senate, leaving his spokesman to explain that "The last thing Republicans need is an end-of-Congress spending spree as our last parting shot as we walk out the door."

The White House wanted Congress to pass the spending bills in the lame duck session, and this decision to leave town with the work undone is another sign of the President's weakening political position.Republicans are also hoping that Democrats will be unable to pass popular elements of their "First 100 Hours" plan right away, because they have to deal with the leftover spending bills. 

The consequences of this dereliction of duty include cuts in reimbursements to Doctors under Medicare that will take effect January 1, 2007. 

No wonder people have such a low opinion of this Congress.  Unlike ordinary Americans, these outgoing Republican Congressional leaders don't even try to pay/pass the bills anywhere close to on time.