Common Sense: Raise the Minimum Wage

We've worked hard here at NDN to make raising the minimum wage an issue in this election, specifically in Arizona and Colorado. And we're not the only ones who realize the value in doing so.

Ezra Klein notes that Republicans have framed the issue successfully (for the last nine years), making it "an article of faith...that minimum wage increases lead to widespread unemployment, and such an intuitive argument, that society would have to be a pretty bizarre place not to abandon the wrongheaded policy altogether." A commentor on that site calls it a "rabbit-out-of-the-hat excuse," but either way, Republicans aren't spitting much evidence.

If anything, the graph Klein shows, depicting employment in San Francisco and Alameda (SF had increased its minimum wage) should be enough to dislodge the argument that has dominated this debate and allow a minimum wage increase to pass:



If the plain and simple lines of this graph don't suit you, the Economic Policy Insitute defends the idea extensively. Perhaps the most persuasive argument, which Klein also notes--"Hundreds of Economists Say: Raise the Minimum Wage."