It is never too late to give back

An inspiring article from the LA Times shows that giving back by becoming a citizen is a powerful thing no matter what. For Sona Babai, a 105-year-old Iranian native, the one thing she wanted was American citizenship. Why?

As a sign of gratitude to America for embracing her children, four of whom live here, and allowing their families to thrive as restaurateurs, business consultants, architects, engineers, dentists and other professionals.

The fourth oldest person ever to naturalize, Babai lived through some turbulent times. So she came to America to give her children a good education and as many opportunities as they could possibly have. And America seems to have done just that - enough so that she wanted to give back.

Babai said that "by becoming a citizen, I can show to the world that it is never too late to give back." Asked what she would do as a new citizen, Babai replied:

"I'm an American. I'm going to vote."

At a time when so many on the right are attempting to split the country over the issue of immigration, it is especially important to remember that embracing the opportunities which America has to offer is what brings us together in the end. Even if it's 105 years later.