NDN Applauds New Obama Cuba Policy

I released the following statement to the media earlier today: 

"President Obama's newly announced policy toward Cuba is a bold and smart step. This new approach -- first advocated by NDN in early 2007 -- is the first of many steps that will need to be taken to help our island neighbor make the transition to an open and democratic society."

"I am proud of the role NDN has played these last few years in developing and advocating for this new policy, and particularly want to recognize NDN Advisors Joe Garcia and Sergio Bendixen for their tireless work in bringing about this new day for US-Cuban relations.

NDN announced its support for the policy direction articulated today by President Obama at our forum, "After Fidel: A New Day for America's Relations with Cuba and Latin America," in February 2007.

And look for our former Hispanic Programs director Joe Garcia on the news commenting on this important day.  He's been on CNN and seemingly everywhere else today.