NDN Backgrounder: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Today President Obama held a meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss the prospect of passing comprehensive immigration reform this year.

To help those interested in learning more about this pressing national problem, NDN has assembled some resource materials that we thought might be useful.

A Brief Overview on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  • The Immigration Proxy Wars Continue by Simon Rosenberg, 2/13/2009 – In this piece, Rosenberg argues that opponents of comprehensive immigration reform will continue to use immigration as a wedge issue on other pressing policy issues in Congress.
  • An Updated Analysis of the Hispanic Vote, 2008 by Andres Ramirez, 11/13/2008 – Ramirez provides an overview of the Hispanic electorate in key states during the last presidential election. The study shows a significant increase in participation among Hispanic voters compared to the presidential election in 2004.
  • Hispanics Rising II (PDF), 5/30/08 - This important document provides an in-depth narrative of how the immigration issue has impacted American politics and mobilized the Hispanic electorate.

Recent Polling on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Shows Consistent Support for Reform

  • Lake Research Poll, Provided by America's Voice, 2/19/09 - This national poll confirms results from polling over the past few years showing that American voters support a comprehensive approach to fixing our broken immigration system.

NDN Video: Leaders Advocate for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Other Resources