NDN Economic Backgrounder: The Road to Recovery

With news today that last year's fourth quarter was even worse than expected, take a look at some of NDN's lastest and important thinking on the economy, from thoughts on the President's budget and housing, and financial stability plans to visions for creating a 21st century economy:

  • The Economic Logic in President Obama's Speech to Congress by Dr. Robert Shapiro, 2/27/2009 - Shapiro breaks down President Obama's address to Congress, pointing out that the underlying logic of the President's agenda springs from the fierce new challenges Americans face under globalization to their jobs and incomes.
  • Financial Stability: Plan Z by Michael Moynihan 2/23/2009 - Moynihan lays out a plan of last resort for financial stability, noting that it might not be pretty, but it could be necessary. 
  • A Stimulus for the Long Run by Simon Rosenberg and Dr. Robert Shapiro, 11/14/2008 – This important essay lays out the now widely agreed-upon argument that the upcoming economic stimulus package must include investments in the basic elements of growth for the next decade, including elements that create a low-carbon, energy-efficient economy.
  • Back to Basics: The Treasury Plan Won't Work by Dr. Robert Shapiro, 9/24/2008 - As the financial crisis unfolded and the Bush Administration offered its response, Shapiro argued that, while major action was needed, the Treasury's plan would be ineffective.
  • Keep People in Their Homes by Simon Rosenberg and Dr. Robert Shapiro, 9/23/2008 – At the beginning of the financial collapse, NDN offered this narrative-shaping essay and campaign on the economic need to stabilize the housing market.
  • VIDEO: Dr. Robert Shapiro yesterday faced off against former Congressman John Kasich on the President's budget. The outcome was never in doubt.