New NPI Website marks Final Push on Fall "New Tools" Campaign

The New Politics Institute is making one final push to help progressives maximize their impact this fall through the use of four new tools – and we need your help to spread the word.

We are proud to announce that our newly relaunched website now has a complete set of materials from our “new tools” campaign.

Together our memos, videos and reports give a complete overview of four ways progressives can make a difference this fall: Buy Cable, Engage the Blogs, Use Search, and Speak in Spanish. Check out the Tools Campaign, as part of our completely revamped website.

The new NPI website is now the center of our campaign, and will be a vital resource in the weeks and months ahead. It’s built on a Web 2.0 foundation that gives NPI new capabilities and lets us tell our story in new ways. You can check it out at

The site is full of video including original interviews with our fellows. Especially notable is Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos giving his overview of the political impact of blogging. We also have an edited viral video that introduces the Millennial Generation that is poised to change politics.

Make sure to check out our video of a talk and multimedia slide show that gives an overview of the opportunity for a new politics in the decade ahead. We also have a whole section of written material that explains the context for this transformation.

And you can find more about the network we have built up since we started in May 2005, and the backgrounds of our fellows, who span the gamut from Joe Trippi to Jen Nix.

Please spread the word (and the links) to this rich resource for progressive organizations and candidates. It could make a difference this fall.