New High-Tech NDN Event Space, Webcasting Capacity Launches Tuesday

On Tuesday NDN will be unveiling a new set of high-tech investments in our event space and web capacity.  For those coming to our space in the future you will find a whole new digital audio and video system, which will vastly improve the experience of our events.  It will also allow for us to use the web to bring remote participants into the event space through a new HD projector, making it much easier to tap into our network across the country to weigh in at the many events we do in DC. 

But the true impact of this new investment will be felt by those not attending our events. Our new system will allow us to bring high quality video and audio to those watching live on the web or watching a recording of the event later on our site.  It will also allow us to do web only events, even bringing in participants from remote locations to lead conversations and share their ideas.  All in all this new system will allow all our members and friends to better experience NDN no matter where they live, bringing our high-quality work closer and more frequently to you.  

This exciting new chapter in NDN's evolution and growth is possible because of you.  Late last year we made a special appeal to our members across the country, asking them to invest with us in this new project.  And you responded, donating more than $30,000 in just a few days.  This infusion of targeted capital allowed us to make this smart investment, helping us improve the NDN experience and reach many more people in a meaningful and powerful way. 

Look for a formal announcement on Monday on how to watch our two events this week.  It would be great if all of you could make time to watch these events even for 5-10 minutes and give us your feedback.   How does it look? Was the sound and video quality good?  How can we improve it in the coming days? 

So check back here on Monday for more detail on how to watch our events live, and please let us know how you think this targeted investment, made possible by you, is working. 

We will be testing this new technology on Tuesday at our event, New Tools for a New Era, and on Thursday, Making the Case: Passing Immigration Reform This Year.   We hope you will check them out, in person or on the web.  

And thanks again to all of you who have made this exciting opportunity possible.