Where did the Border-fence bill go?

In an article from the Washington Times, the G.O.P. proves to us yet again that they'd rather play politics than solve the problem when it comes to immigration. This time, Congressional Republicans want President Bush to sign the bill authorizing construction of 700 miles of a double-wall fence along the U.S.-Mexico border at a grand ceremony, arguing that, if done at the right time, such imagery could help them in their re-elections. Imagery is all that matters. Ignoring the fact that some don't even know where the bill is, the article acknowledges Republicans' frustration towards President Bush who wants his approval to come in a more private setting. I wonder why.

Perhaps because he, like so many of us, supported comprehensive immigration reform. Or perhaps the President's views on the fence aren't the same as Congressional Republicans. Providing yet another glimpse into the White House's thinking, one Bush administration official commented on the fence, saying:

You talk to the members of Congress about the 700 miles, and there's not a single member who can give you a plausible explanation of how they arrived at 700 miles. We'll build every mile of fence that is useful and necessary to build, and if they tell us to build 700, we'll find a way to build 700 miles of fence, but let's not kid ourselves.

In closing, let's remember what the President told us Tuesday night as the U.S. population reached 300 million. "We welcome this milestone as further proof that the American Dream remains as bright and hopeful as ever." Too bad his deeds won't allow his words to have much longevity. Democrats, take note. We have a plan to ensure the American Dream. Let's stand up and be proud of it.