Britain's Brown Leads on Keeping People in Their Homes

As he has through much of the financial crisis, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is again exerting impressive leadership, this time on staunching foreclosures.

On the BBC:

Many people hit by the downturn will be able to defer part of their mortgage interest payments for up to two years under plans unveiled by Gordon Brown.

The plan is designed to give those who lose their jobs or suffer a big cut in income extended breathing space if they are facing repossession.

The scheme will cover mortgages worth up to £400,000, the BBC understands.

The lender and homeowner will agree on the proportion of payment to be deferred, but it could be up to 100%.

NDN remains impressed by Brown's leadership in the face of these financial and economic crises and depressed by the Bush Administration's complete abdication of leadership. For more on NDN’s campaign to Keep People in Their Homes, click here.


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