The Current Dialogue of U.S. & Latin American Relations

Recently a panel of current and former George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs deans offered foreign policy advice for the next president. The America in Transition: Foreign Policy Advice for the New President panel made some practical and feasible recommendations for what President-elect Barack Obama can do to tackle issues of international security and diplomacy. The discussion had great points, focusing on Russia, China, and Iraq -- but absent from the discussion was Latin America. A similar tendency can be observed in national discussions and debates. Latin America is mentioned intermittently. But a further lack of active diplomacy may leave the United States losing further financial and political capital in the region to countries such Iran, China, and Russia and hinder crucial counternarcotics programs. As John Kiriakou cautions in the Los Angeles Times, a further lack of official focus on Latin America may make counter terrorism efforts more difficult as well.


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