10/28 Roundup: One Week, Tennessee Nazis, Obama beats Truman!

Obama & McCainLeader: One Week and Counting

- Alaska Senator Ted Stevens took a bit of a hit yesterday when he was convicted on seven felony counts. He maintains his innocence, and will remain in the race, but it seems likely that Alaska could elect its first Democrat to the senate since Mike Gravel(!) was elected in 1978. 

- Obama made his "closing argument," returning to his theme of national unity. The McCain campaign made it clear that the candidate has been making his closing argument consistently for the past week, obviously. As John Dickerson suggests, that argument must be: "Fear Obama!"

- Sign of hard times: McCain is increasing spending in West Virginia and Montana.  Yowza.


- The $1 trillion we've spent on Iraq could've bought us some pretty nice stuff, writes Duncan Mansfield for HuffPo.

- Jeff Sachs offers up the "best recipe to avoid global recession." 

Election '08

- In tune with NDN's message over the past few years, Chuck Todd of NBC writes that Hispanics could just put Obama over the top in this election. 

- The McCain argument that the American people should elect him to prevent both Congress and the Presidency from being controlled by one party is patently ridiculous, writes John Judis for TNR.

- ATF has broken up a plot by two Tennessee neo-Nazi skinheads to assassinate Obama and kill over 100 black schoolchildren.  Their plan to kill the candidate was, at best, inchoate.

- Has Obama gotten expectations up a little too high among lefties? You betcha, writes Howard Fineman.


- In a major shift, the US is considering cutting a deal with the Taliban, to help isolate al Qaeda.

- Foreign Policy ranks the top cities in the world.  It's not abundantly clear what the ranking is supposed to mean, but it's good fodder for debate, anyway. For me, ranking Los Angeles 5th for "Cultural Experience" seems like a generous definition of the word "culture." I think it would also be useful to have a look at the worst cities in the world.  You know, to help plan vacations.

- Six billion people are obsessed with the presidential election, and about half of them are blogging about it.

One More Thing

- Obama beats Truman! A bimonthly New Mexico paper has declared Obama the victor. 

- An NY Times op-ed opines on the neuropsychology of undecided voters. These people, whoever they are, aren't as clueless as I thought.

- Simon is quoted in Newsday, talking about John McCain's potential to close the gap.

- Last, Damon Weaver, 5th grader from Palm Beach County, gets an exclusive with Joe Biden.


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