10/23 Roundup: 12 Days, McCain Deserters, Divided Ballers

Obama RallyLeader: 12 Days and Counting

- DemFromCT has Obama staying strong (except among  the 30-44 age demographic, oddly enough). One potentially sobering poll: The Mason-Dixon polling group-- an historically reliable source on the South-- has Obama down one in Florida and up only two in Virginia. 

- How are so many voters are still undecided, wonders CNN's Jack Cafferty.

- Religious voters appear to be moving over to Obama, as are John Mellencamp voters.


- You could be forgiven for not noticing: The Dow dropped 514 points yesterday-- the seventh largest one-day drop in history.

- The lot of every day people continues to spiral downward, as job losses continue.

- One piece of good news: The White House is considering spending $40 billion to keep people in their homes.

Election '08

- The McCain campaign seems to be

hemorrhaging volunteers. Yesterday, the Charleston Gazette wrote about a woman who had walked out because of the script she was handed.  Today, Gail Collins of the NY Times wrote about Ted Zoromski, who quit for the same reason.  Apparently people aren't buying the whole "he's a terrorist" thing anymore, and are reluctant to be a part of it.

- Meanwhile, McCain accuses Obama of being "willing to say anything to get elected." Hypocrisy, anyone?

- Sarah Palin continues to publicly disagree with John McCain on a number of major points.  Could this indicate plans for a 2012 presidential run?

- Joe Klein of Time has a good piece on why Barack is winning.


- The NY Times' David Sanger does an article on the competing world views of the two candidates.

- China's dynamic growth is slowing just a little.  Could this mean catastrophe?

One More Thing

- NBA players are divided in their preferences for president.

- Last, I'd like to apologize for being the reason Barack Obama lost the election:



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