The Debate: Keeping People In Their Homes, A Spending Freeze and More

McCain has argued for paying for people's mortgages, huge investments in energy, etc tonight yet he also calls for a spending freeze.  This needs greater examination.  

My guess is that the instapolls have it 50 percent Obama, 35 percent McCain. 

I still feel that John MccCain is like an aging pitcher whose fastball no longer pops.  You see flashes of brilliance, but he can no longer play at the level he once did. 

All in all I thought it was a good debate, both men had their say.  But McCain just can't keep up with Obama in these settings.

And of course NDN is pleased that both candidates made a big pitch for keeping people in their homes, and Obama embraced two ideas we've been promoting - incentives for people to buy fuel-effecient cars and for weatherizing their homes.

But on the energy front I couldn't keep from thinking - $700 billion each for Iraq and the bailout, $15b a year to move America to a low carbon economy? Somehow we are going to have to come to a much different understanding of the urgency of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels....

Update: CNN's instapoll has Obama winning the debate, 54-30.

730am Update - DemFromCT has a good overview of the post-debate polls from last night.  It is all good news for Obama.  No wonder McCain hurumphed off stage last night after the debate.  He felt it.