New Time/CNN polls have Obama leading in FL, MO, MN, NV, VA

New polls out this pm provide further evidence of how much the race has shifted in recent weeks: 

Polls in five crucial battleground states in the race for the White
House released Wednesday suggest that Sen. Barack Obama is making some
major gains.

Clearly if these numbers hold Obama will win handily on election day. 

815pm Update - New CBS/NYTimes poll has it 49-40 Obama.  The cascade of very bad polling data for McCain these last few days is going to create a new media narrative - that McCain is in danger of losing the election, that his campaign is troubled and failing, that Senator Obama has had a very very good couple of weeks and goes into these final weeks with momentum.

Thurs 8am Update - DemFromCT reviews the polls, and the news sure isn't good for McCain Palin.