CNN Poll: Obama Wins the Debate

CNN polled after the debate and found that of those who watched, 51% said Obama won, 38% McCain.  You can read more about the poll, and watch the debate if you missed it, here

820am Update - One additional thing stands out this morning - how we now learn of a series of half truths, misremembrances, outright falsehoods that came from McCain last night.  To clarify, in those two Eisenhower letters, Ike did not offer his resignation in either one; McCain came to Congress after the Marines went to Lebanon; and Henry Kissinger has indeed encouraged high-level meetings with Iraqis without preconditions.  

Why does all this matter?  As readers of this blog are well aware, there is great mountain of evidence that John McCain has a lost a step or is shockingly unconcerned with facts, truth and detail.  We simply have not seen a candidate at this level of politics make the kind of serial mistakes he has made in this campaign. He just comes off, repeatedly, as a little out of it.  Like a great major league pitcher whose fastball has lost its pop. 

And I don't think given all the next President will have to do that this is a good set of qualities for our next leader. 


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