Poll Roundup, Duck and Cover

Again, DemFromCT over at Kos has an excellent morning analysis of the latest polling trends.

Of note is the new Fox Poll, which has it 45 Obama 39 McCain.  

Yesterday, this Fox poll and the WaPo poll (52-43) were two of the worst polls for John McCain of this entire Presidential election.  Yesterday morning it also became clear that the McCain campaign had told a huge lie about Rick Davis, its campaign manager - that despite its assertions otherwise, Davis was still making money and an advisor to one of the major instittuions in the financial collapse through August of this year all while he was the manager of McCain's campaign. 

I have no doubt this new crazy idea to "suspend the campaign" came because the McCain campaign was desperate to break an increasingly vicious news and public opinion cycle.  There simply is no precedent for this.  Presidential candidates did not suspend their campaigns during the Civil War, the Great Depression, WWII, the Cold War and the Vietnam War.  Lincoln. FDR. Kennedy, Nixon.  They stood, debated, made their case. Why can't McCain do the same?  This feels so craven, so political, so full of cowardice and fear that it says a great deal about the man who wants to be our next President. 

I mean, what else could he possibly be doing tomorrow night that is more important than having a frank conversation with the American people about our future? 

I know.  He will be having Shabbat dinner with his old friend Joe Lieberman. That's a good enough excuse to unilaterally withdraw from one of the four debates that will help the American people choose their next leader.  A previous engagement.  Dinner with an old friend.


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