NDN Affiliate Launches Campaign in Colorado to Urge Spanish-speaking Citizens to Vote

Today, The New Policy Institute, a non-partisan 501 c (3) affiliate of NDN, has launched a new campaign to encourage Spanish-speaking citizens to vote this November.

The campaign is called Adelante, Spanish for “Moving Forward.” The campaign kicks off this week with saturation-level statewide radio spots in Colorado, and the launch of a new Web site, www.adelante08.org. The campaign will both encourage people to vote and explain the process of voting, including early and absentee voting, to what is projected to be a large pool of first-time Hispanic voters.

The first phase of the paid media portion of the campaign begins today in Colorado. Between now and Election Day, the Adelante campaign will run hundreds of radio spots in Denver (stations KBNO, KXPX, KJMN, and KMXA), Colorado Springs/Pueblo (stations KNKN and KRYE) and Ft. Collins/Greeley (station KGRE).

To listen to the first ad, "Acuérdate," or "Remember," click here. A transcript of the ad, and the English translation, are below.

For more background on Hispanic voting trends in the United States, please view NDN’s recent report, Hispanics Rising II.

For many years now, NDN and its affiliates have worked to ensure that the voice of the fast-growing Latino community is heard in the great debate that informs American democracy. This campaign is the latest installment in that long-standing effort.

To read the script in Spanish and English, please see below:


MUJER: ¿Qué tan lejos hemos llegado?
HOMBRE: Acuérdate de Roberto Clemente.
MUJER: De la misma Selena.
HOMBRE: O de César Chávez.
MUJER: Sí, hemos llegado muy lejos, pero no podemos vivir de glorias pasadas.
HOMBRE: Este año, de ti depende decidir si nos quedamos hasta donde hemos llegado o seguimos avanzando.
MUJER: Sigue adelante y vota.
Mensaje pagado por Adelante, NPI y el Tides Center.


WOMAN: How far have we come?
MAN: Remember Roberto Clemente.
WOMAN: Or Selena.
MAN: Or even César Chávez.
WOMAN: Yes, we have come really far, but we can’t live from glories of the past. 
MAN: This year, it is up to you to decide if we stay where we are or if we continue to move forward.
WOMAN: Move foward and vote.
Message paid for by Adelante, NPI and the Tides Center.