New NDN Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Immigration Reform in Battleground States, Continues to Generate Buzz

NDN and long-time collaborator and pollster Sergio Bendixen recently released a poll that surveyed four key battleground states -- Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada -- on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform. The polls showed overwhelming support for such reform and showed that U.S. Sen. Barack Obama holds a significant lead over U.S. Sen. John McCain in three of the states and is in a dead heat in Florida, which until recently, has leaned Republican

The poll have generated considerable buzz in the media over the last 10 days:

- After mentioning it in his afternoon roundup last week, Markos Moulitsas (a.k.a. Kos) from DailyKos blogged about our poll again yesterday and included a more extended analysis of the findings, noting they show that support for comprehensive immigration reform among the general population is higher than many might believe.

- In an article entitled Latino Voters Key to Obama Win in Battleground StatesPeople's Weekly World uses our poll to demonstate the importance of the Latino electorate in the 2008 presidential election.

- The Dallas Morning News featured an article called Texas Watch: Immigration Issue Expected to Resurface When Debates Start. The article quotes both Simon and Sergio and makes use of our poll.

- Mike Swift from The San Jose Mercury News quotes Simon and references the poll in his article, saying that they found "Obama leading McCain by 30 percentage points or more among Hispanic voters in Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado, with Latinos angry at Republicans for the failure of immigration reform."

- USA TODAY'S Kathy Kiely covered the poll, quoting Simon in her article, Polls: Latinos favor Obama in 3 important battleground states.

- Marcelo Raimon covered the poll for ANSA, Italian News Agency.

- In his post, McCain's support boost does NOT include Latinos, The South Chicagoan's Gregory Tejeda cites NDN's new polls in his explanation of why he thinks McCain is not picking up new Latino support.

- UPI summarized the poll in its Top News roundup.

- The Thaiindian News reported on the polls in its report, Hispanics support Obama in four crucial states: Poll.

- Columnist Ruben Navarette cited NDN and Bendixen's polls in his recent piece, Palin could help McCain with Latino vote.

- The Tampa Bay Times blog, The Buzz, carried the USA TODAY article about the polls and the immigration reform issue.

- Adrian Perez from the Latino Journal also showcased the poll coverage from USA TODAY.