Presidential Ad Wars: McCain Camp Calls Obama "Disrespectful," Obama Campaign Fires Back, Says McCain Is "Out of Touch"

- U.S. Sen. John McCain's camp released another negative TV spot today, this time alleging that U.S. Sen. Barack Obama has been "disrespectful" to Gov. Sarah Palin:

- The New York Times today reports that Obama's campaign will take a more aggressive tone in response to McCain's factually-dubious attacks. Following Simon's post a few days ago, a slew of editorials and op-eds have been penned this week about McCain's questionable attacks, many calling them flat-out lies. Opinion pieces in The Washington Post and The Huffington Post call for Obama to push back harder. The Obama campaign has not yet issued a direct and forceful rebuttal, but it did release a new TV ad today, entitled Still, which may give some indication of a shift in strategy: 


Obama Budget is really matter too much in American economy. He will be
very careful in spending it or he might loose all the trust that the
citizen gave him. But we must remember that in his campaign he promises
to lessen the expenses in unnecessary project so that the state will be
back in much progress. In his speech on the economy, the government
contracts spending were quite a controversy. These contracts had been
awarded for the last few years without any bidding process; they were
just handed out. The contract cuts to the Obama budget are going to
save almost $300 billion on defense contracts alone. The question is,
what must be his first move about this issue in contract spending?
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