I.C.E Ends Self-deport Program

I suppose most of us saw this coming...

The federal government will scrap a program for illegal immigrants to turn themselves in for deportation after only eight people volunteered during a nearly three-week trial, an official said Thursday.

And yet, I find myself rather stunned at the ongoing incompetence. They tried for three weeks. They spent $41,000 to advertise the program and then gave it only three weeks?

After years of rounding people up and scaring the hell out of immigrant communities by tearing families apart, making people disappear and allowing people to die while in custody, ICE calls it quits after three-weeks and, predictably, blames the immigrants and immigration advocates:

The bottom line is it is not effective," Hayes said. "Quite frankly, I think this proves the only method that works is enforcement...Hayes said lack of support from those activists shows they are unwilling to accept any enforcement."They want amnesty, they want open borders, and they want a more vulnerable America," he said. Hayes told the AP that other tactics have proven more effective. ICE has been tracking down so-called immigration "fugitives" by knocking on their doors at home, often during pre-dawn hours.

Apparently it's not "enforcement" unless they're hunting people down and dragging them out of their homes in the middle of the night.


Note to Congress: Comprehensive immigration reform is the only answer.

Note to the GOP: Throw the nativist, xenophobic Know-nothings over board...they're in the way of a responsible solution.