McCain's Ads Continue to Make Things Up

In a post last week, I argued that it was astonishing that U.S. Sen. John McCain's two energy ads he had airing at that time where predicated on things that were - let us say - just not true.

McCain continues this new strategy of just making things up this week. As Andrea Mitchell, a journalist, points out in this video in a story from Huffington Post, McCain's new ad attacking U.S. Sen. Barack Obama for not showing up at a base in Germany is also just not true.

Friends, 3 McCain ads, 3 lies. Why has it been so hard for McCain to play this campaign straight? Why do they feel compelled to make things up? Is the issue environment that bad for Old Man McCain? More evidence of how hard this race has been for the Senator from Arizona.

Update: The Washington Post has a new story running tonight also questioning the veracity of the McCain claim.