Quick '08 Update

- MTV will now accept political ads according to Ad Age. Ira Teinowitz explains:

The Viacom MTV Networks channel -- once known for round-the-clock music videos and now home to a host of reality shows -- says it will now take political ads, though only from political candidates and party political committees, not from third parties.

- Rolling Stone has a cover story on U.S. Sen. Barack Obama. If the picture speaks the truth, not only does Obama know how to use a computer, but he's also an Apple user!

- The Obama-Clinton relationship is starting to take shape. Obama is saying he needs the Clintons' help, and is reaching out to help Sen. Hillary Clinton retire her campaign debt, placing calls to Clinton fundraisers and hearing some criticism in return.

- Yep. Ralph Nader just went there. (via TPM)

- The WSJ's Washington Wire blog shows U.S. Sen. John McCain is heading to Colombia to talk trade, with a stop in Mexico City scheduled on the way back.

- For those paying attention to the Supreme Court decisions, check out SCOTUSblog.

- Ben Smith from The Politico has insight into Obama's plan to focus resources in 14 states George Bush won in 2004.

- Las Vegas is the place to talk energy, as McCain will be there today to boast his green credentials and raise money. (Sorry CBS, but it's kind of ironic that a post on John McCain's energy policy is advertising ground for Exxon Mobil...)